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Desert Strings and Drifters
Sharks Keep Moving
[2009] [12-inch/CDEP]


Sharks Keep Moving

Desert Strings and Drifters

Release Date: 2009
Format: 12-inch

Price: $12.00
Few albums have been so poignant in their clarity and emotion while being as stark and sparse as the desert this release was named after. While Sharks Keep Moving's name drips of immediacy, the melodic indie rock music contained on Desert Strings and Drifters is anything but the urgent struggle for survival the name implies. Quite the opposite, this four-song, 28-minute suite unfurls itself as a patient sonic journey, littered with indie rock trappings, psychedelic flurries, morose melodies and the occasional rock spasm, all perfectly balanced by Jake Snider's plaintive, fleeting singing. Lackadaisical in its nature, Desert Strings and Drifters inhabits the realm between the conscious and the sub-conscious, where dreams and the cognitive thought process collide. The four offerings that comprise the journey of Desert Strings and Drifters, "Try To Sleep," "Cashmere, Washington," "Arizona" and "All Out Of...," act more like movements to a cohesive whole than separate songs. The haunting melodies strewn throughout, the hypnotic repetition that builds and builds, never to burst but to dissipate and begin again, and the mournful violin that appears and reappears without warning or the lamenting recollections that pass for lyrics all act as subtle sonic handholds. Still, Desert Strings and Drifters is best absorbed as a whole, lest one miss any of its beauty, passion and emotion.


Track Listing:
1. Try To Sleep
2. Cashmere, Washington
3. All Out Of...
4. Arizona

Vinyl History:
1st Press:
523 Translucent & Opaque Orange w/ Black Splatter

Download MP3: Try To Sleep