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Highways of Gold
Jaguar Love
[2008] [7-inch]


Jaguar Love

Highways of Gold

Release Date: 2008
Format: 7-inch

Price: $8.00

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Northwest supergroup Jaguar Love features guitarist Cody Votolato and singer Johnny Whitney from The Blood Brothers, along with J Clark from Pretty Girls Makes Graves (guitarist then, now drummer, multi-instrumentalist and producer).

However, the story is very different. After relocating to Portland from Seattle, these ferociously creative and once-noisy musicians have now added incredibly catchy melody to their songwriting. Votolato's crazed Japanese electric 12-string guitar parts remain as intricate and Beefheart-esque as ever, but Whitney has turned his scream to Bolan-esque glam. Result: Pop music. Of a sort.

The Highways of Gold 7” Picture Disc is the perfect companion and collector’s piece to their debut album Take Me To The Sea, and includes album tracks "Highways of Gold" and "My Organ Sounds Like..." Limited to only 1278 copies.

Track Listing:
1. Highways of Gold
2. My Organ Sounds Like…

Vinyl History:
1278 Picture Disc

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