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In The Pines
In The Pines
[November 2006] [CD]


In The Pines

In The Pines

Release Date: November 2006
Format: CD

Price: $12.00
Deep in the dark heart lies a vulnerable gift. Hidden away, it is gnarled but soft and can be carefully pulled open like a dusty sky and let alone... wandering like an aimless drifter. It is both feared and fearful, as it is also quite understood and conditionally welcomed. If it is love, it is hate. If it is strength, it is frailty.

In the Pines is a six piece musical endeavor from Kansas City, Missouri who look for that gift. Made up of two guitars, a bass, a violin, a viola, a pump organ, drums, and five vocals, their music is serene at times - other times brooding - creating an atmosphere ideal for their subject matter: narratives of a man wasted away in prison, a woman burning to death as her dress catches fire, a handless man intent on showing others the subtle gifts in life. It is dark, it is dirty, it is sometimes drunken. It is is what we call In the Pines.

Track Listing:
1. Good Morning, My Darling
2. For Love Instead
3. Dress on Fire
4. The Hymn
5. Why
6. The Night They Pass
7. On The Table
8. Prison Ghost
9. Savannah
10. The Handless Man
11. Never Say Too Much
12. Grey October

Download MP3: Dress On Fire
Download MP3: Never Say Too Much