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City Maps
The Higher Burning Fire
[2006] [iTunes EP]
In Plain Song
The Higher Burning Fire
[2000] [CD]


The Higher Burning Fire

City Maps

Release Date: 2006
Format: iTunes EP

Price: $2.97

Originally recorded in May of 2001 immediately following their debut album In Plain Song, the sophomore recording from Lawrence, Kansas’ The Higher Burning Fire is finally available to the world half a decade later. The epic and orchestral scope of earlier, Left Banke-inspired work has been focused to a leaner sound. Things take a decidedly more mellow turn for "Sound" and "The City Maps". The former evokes a sunny indie-cum-adult-contemporary landscape driven by singer Than Kinsey's tender voice, a cutting organ and guitar, while the latter is probably the most realized and ambitious boy/girl duet in underground music in recent memory. The closing track, "Once You Her" finds bassist Raymond Morin assuming vocal duties, backed by the thundering drums of John Anderson, the slide guitar and organ stylings of guitarist Zach Holland, and a haunting chorus of female voices. Members of The Higher Burning Fire currently make up 3/5 of White Whale.

Track Listing:
1. Sounds
2. City Maps
3. Once You, Her