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The Get Up Kids/Coalesce
The Get Up Kids/Coalesce
[1997] [7-inch]


The Get Up Kids/Coalesce

The Get Up Kids/Coalesce

Release Date: 1997
Format: 7-inch


A remarkably divergent split seven-inch release from The Get Up Kids and Coalesce, where they pay tribute to one another by covering each other's songs. Coalesce consumes, rebuilds and spits out The Get Up Kids' "Second Place," re-titled "I'm Giving Up On This One," as a maliciously opaque and damaging onslaught that is wholly Coalesce in its execution yet fleetingly retains hints of The Get Up Kids' melodic riffing and drive. Not to be overshadowed, The Get Up Kids take Coalesce's "Harvest of Maturity," now titled "Burned Bridges," and transform it into an almost unrecognisable melodic power pop number that retains some edge and aggression while riding the ardent dynamics The Get Up Kids are renowned for. The Get Up Kids/Coalesce "trading places" seven-inch is a successful musical interpretation of disparate musical styles that retains each group's identity; by no means an easy feat.

Track Listing:
1. THE GET UP KIDS “Burned Bridges”
2. COALESCE “I'm Giving Up On This One”

Vinyl History:
1st Press:
300 Black w/ white hand stamped label & "LIMITED EDITION OF 300" stamped on white dust sleeve (sold on The Get Up Kids Fall/Winter tour of '97)
107 Rust
302 Translucent Orange
810 Black

2nd Press:
307 Opaque Yellow
2206 Black

3rd Press
1009 Black

4th Press
1628 Black (Beginning of black & orange labels - everything before was black & yellow)

5th Press:
550 Black

6th Press:
217 Olive

7th Press:
550 Clear

8th Press:
550 Grey
550 Opaque Orange

9th Press:
335 White
221 Black

10th Press:
550 Navy Marble

11th Press:
880 Lime Green

12th Press:
459 Black

13th Press:
668 Red Orange

14th Press:
550 Opaque Purple