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Chris Morgan

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Kid Kilowatt
[2001] [7-inch]
Guitar Method
Kid Kilowatt
[2003] [LP]


Kid Kilowatt

Guitar Method

Release Date: 2003
Format: LP

Price: $10.00

It seems inconceivable that a band that disbanded before ever releasing a full-length, played sporadically and received little notice until all was said and done could be the subject of such weighty expectations. However, Kid Kilowatt is nothing if not unconventional. Comprised of Cave In mastermind Stephen Brodsky and bassist Adam McGrath, Eulcid's drum fury Matt Redmond and CONVERGE sonic terrorist Kurt Ballou, Guitar Method is the culmination of Kid Kilowatt's existence from 1996 to 1999 and is a remarkable last will and testament. Assembled over an 11-month period after nearly a year apart, Guitar Method is a far cry from Cave In (at the time) and Converge's (current) metallic/noisecore. Guitar Method features emotive rock passages coinciding with the progressive metallic leanings that would propel Cave In's Jupiter to massive success, but is laden with pop hooks, jangly post-rock chords, a melodic and spacious atmosphere contrasting with full on rock aesthetics and Brodsky's ever evolving sung/screamed vocals. However, while Kid Kilowatt is sonically informed by its members' full-time allegiances, it is by no means exclusive, as a plethora of other influences shine throughout. Years later, Guitar Method is more poignant, telling and current than it has any right to be.

Track Listing:
1. The Scope
2. Red Carpet
3. Radio Pow For Now
4. Peeping Tomboy
5. Cadence For a Rainy Day
6. 7th Inning Song Formation
7. Bicycle Song
8. Rushing to Relax
9. Ted Nugent
10. Memorial Drive
11. Cadence For the Desert Sun

Vinyl History:
1st Press:
660 Clear
440 Black

2nd Press:
548 Dark Red

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