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Promotional Copy
Reggie And The Full Effect
[2000] [LP/LP Limited Edition]
Greatest Hits 84 - 87
Reggie And The Full Effect
[1999] [CD/LP]


Reggie And The Full Effect

Promotional Copy

Release Date: 2000
Format: LP

Price: $10.00

While Reggie And The Full Effect's debut, Greatest Hits '84-'87, was a sometimes sincere, sometimes immature, sometimes playful slice of emo pop sensibilities infused with metallic riffs, moods that spanned peaks and valleys, and keyboards, lots of keyboards, Promotional Copy is a more developed but paradoxically more fragmented offering. While Promotional Copy continues in Reggie's fine tradition of painfully playful songs that are equal parts emotional purge and pop-rock raucous, Promotional Copy is fraught with musical endeavors that push Reggie's previously defined limits and humorous ideas even farther. "Something I'm Not" is a buffeting metallic freak-out featuring the Sean-O-tronic (Sean Ingram of Coalesce) lending his patented throat abuse, while "Gloves" is a tongue-in-cheek ode to '80s new wave and lost love that recalls the glory days of Flock Of Seagulls haircuts and Depeche Mode. And while the techno country hoedown of "Boot to the Moon" may be this album's "Happy Chickens," album closer "Dwarf Invasion" is so far gone that its brilliance is beyond reproach. Far from a novelty, when each distinct facet of Reggie is interspersed with the other, each becomes even more affecting. How far will Reggie go? If Promotional Copy is any indication, only Reggie knows for sure.

Track Listing:
1. A.C. Lerok...Bitches Get Stitches
2. From Me 2 U
3. Congratulations Matt and Christine
4. Something I'm Not (featuring Sean-O-Tronic)
5. Doot Doot Pause Doot Doot
6. Relive the Magic...Bring the Magic Home
7. Good Times, Good Tunes, Good Buds
8. Megan 2K
9. Boot to the Moon (Wade and Wayne Jentry & The Band)
10. Thanx For Stayin'
11. Gloves (featuring Fluxuation)
12. Fought and Won One
13. Ode to Manheim Steamroller
14. Dwarf Invasion (featuring Common Denominator)

Vinyl History:
1st Press:
549 Red
557 Grey
112 Half Red/Half Grey
550 Black

2nd Press:
303 Black
80 Limited Edition Letterpress Cover (some have one-of-a-kind Polaroids and stories handwritten on the dust sleeve)

3rd Press:
500 Light Opaque Purple

4th Press:
624 Black

Download MP3: Thanx For Staying