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Kill Creek

Colors of Home

Release Date: 2001
Format: CD

Price: $12.00
Originally signed out of the post-Seattle feeding frenzy that devoured all in its path, Kill Creek's major label tenure was fraught with complications. Despite releasing two excellent albums and an EP (their debut full-length, St. Valentine's Garage, would land on the L.A. Times top ten list for '94) they would be dropped following Mammoth's merger with Disney. After a lengthy hiatus, which saw Kill Creek recover from health problems that threatened singer/guitarist Scott Born, as well as solving its penchant for rotating drummers, Kill Creek joined with Second Nature Recordings to release its third full-length, Colors Of Home. Colors Of Home is a much different album than either of Kill Creek's previous works, yet it retains divergent elements and facets of each, coupled with a maturity and exploration only hinted at with previous endeavors. Kill Creek's sound embodies hook burdened rock, post-slacker lament and brooding, soulful and experimental asides, explosive moments of pure bombastic excess, as well as a stringent detail paid to each song's construction and atmosphere. Kill Creek are undoubtedly a rock band, but one refusing to limit itself in any way. Once again produced with long-time co-conspirator Ed Rose, Kill Creek have redefined what a Kill Creek album can be, and have resurrected themselves in the process.

Track Listing:
1. Hardly Accounted For
2. Gett Up
3. Without it
4. Mouse Trap
5. Divorcee
6. Serotonin
7. Grandfather's Left Side
8. Cops
9. Kathleen
10. Prying

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