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Idle Acres
The Belles
[2004] [CD]


The Belles

Idle Acres

Release Date: 2004
Format: CD

Price: $12.00
Prospering at home between the flint hills and wheat fields of their native Kansas, The Belles are a two-piece (give or take a few friends) born of the underrepresented elements of Lawrence, Kansas’ music scene. Although Lawrence is better known as home to more declamatory musical stylings (The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, The Appleseed Cast), The Belles have purposefully channeled the tradition of crafted songwriting and lagging downbeats more akin to locals such as Gene Clark or Freedy Johnson. In 2003, The Belles proclaimed themselves “prairie rock,” a gospel they spread across the U.S. and Europe throughout the year supporting their brilliant debut, Omerta, a self-described synthesis of Neil Young and Neil Finn, Paul Westerberg and Paul McCartney. 2004’s Idle Acres brings Pete Donnelly of The Figgs on board to produce, engineer, and play bass on seven new songs that edge The Belles closer to the space-folk of bands like Grandaddy, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Wilco and Giant Sand. Additional recording, engineering as well as mixing by the Godfather of Kansas, Ed Rose (The Get Up Kids, Limbeck, Matt Suggs, The Appleseed Cast, Coalesce).

Track Listing:
1. Idle Acres
2. Left Arm Tan
3. These Things Will Kill Me
4. Star Witness
5. Don't Write, Don't Call
6. Birds
7. What We Are

Download MP3: (These Things Will) Kill Me