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The Will To Strike
Kill Creek
[2004] [CD]
Colors of Home
Kill Creek
[2001] [CD/LP]


Kill Creek

The Will To Strike

Release Date: 2004
Format: CD

Price: $14.00
Since 1986, Kill Creek has been a fixture in and major influence on the Lawrence, Kansas & Kansas City music scenes, having seen the band travel the long road from indie darlings to major-label victims, and now back to indie darlings. With a new album in the works, The Will To Strike is being released as a way to reintroduce fans to their entire heretofore-deleted catalog, as well as to fulfill the requests of completists who have long requested a "proper" release of many early recordings, unreleased demos, compilation tracks, and studio outtakes. The Will To Strike is a document of Kill Creek's unmistakable catalog, and a testimony to 17-years of music.

Track Listing:
Disc One
1. Unsteady
2. All Ears
3. Binky
4. With You Around
5. Dirty Hands
6. The Role Model
7. Biggest Rift
8. Six by Two
9. Lullaby
10. Chromosome
11. Falsified
12. Punishment
13. What I Know Now
14. The Fool's Goal
15. Promise to Fail
16. The Flood V. 1
17. Todd Newman
18. Johnny Boy
19. Louisiana Man
20. Cowhead
21. Eulogy
22. The March (+ Million 4-Track)

Disc Two
1. Cosmetic Surgery
2. Busted
3. Stretch
4. Mother's Friends
5. Gett On
6. Kelly's Dead
7. Seven - Eleven
8. Killing
9. Fruit Pie
10. Million
11. Harass
12. Wuss Kliph
13. Die Young
14. Funeral
15. Hang 'I'm High
16. Bartender
17. Inside
18. Beginning
19. 39 Fingers
20. Best Man
21. My Best Friends
22. My Role As The Most Divisive And Corrosive Element In The Lawrence Music Scene
23. Home On The Range

(note not all tracks are available on iTunes)

Download MP3: All Ears