There is a real majesty to the music of ILYA. This is sound that envelopes the soul and sweeps you along with it, full of neo classical impulses and trance inflected rhythms. Its music imbued with a sense of melancholy and epic song structure, it's the ultimate soundtrack to the greatest black and white film you've never seen, a cross between Mancini and Tangerine Dream, rock and trip hop. Their songs are at times ethereal and introspective, while at other moments they're wrapped in a wall of sound, surrounded in voluminous chording. It's simply some of the most breath taking sounds you'll ever hear.

ILYA’s sound is the perfect blend of inspired arrangements and dazzling performances, somehow sparse and lush at once. Taking a myriad of influences and transforming them into something unique, ILYA’s haunting, heart felt songs tug at your psyche while inspiring even the most jaded listener. Guitars and keyboards, courtesy of Hank Morton, Matthew Baker and Duane Pitre roam from lightly picked to gorgeously layered slashing against the rhythm, while the atmospheric vocals of Blanca Rojas dance lightly over the beats supplied by bassist John Mattos and drummer Geoff Hill. While most other indie groups sound like rock, ILYA sounds like art.

Late last year, the group self-released its debut album Poise Is The Greater Architect. It's a testament to the group’s growing popularity that the album will be re-issued summer 2003, in the USA by Second Nature Recordings and in Japan by Spark Musiq. As great as ILYA’s recordings are, to truly appreciate the groups sound, you should experience them live. The band has built a loyal following both at home and abroad, through constant touring, with a show that expands on their recorded sound, each performance a unique expression. The band recently returned from a hugely successful tour of Japan in support of a mini album of remixes and b-sides released exclusively there, and looks to tour the USA and Europe extensively throughout the year.

It's clear that ILYA’s music stands out, a true gem amongst current cloned radio dross. Their songs are adventurous, dissonant and cinematic. They're dreamy and tunefully crafted, made to become a part of you from the first listen, with incessant hooks and intertwined melodies. As it's clear from every note ILYA delivers, music matters. When was the last time you discovered a band whose sound you wanted to lose yourself in? ILYA’s music has the power to grab you like your old favorite albums used to - one of the first truly essential bands of the new decade.

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Poise Is The Greater Architect
[2003] [CD]

[Poise Is The Greater Architect]

[Poise Is The Greater Architect]