Coalesce began in January of 1994 with Jes Steineger on guitar, Stacy Hilt on bass, and Jim Redd on drums. The trio experimented with their respective musical influences, which culminated in a sound that was both interesting to each member and indicative of their future attempts to develop extreme music. These influences included the various dimensions of the punk hardcore genre, time signatures appropriate to jazz, and the less constrained, noisier elements of the various expressions of Midwestern underground music in the early 1990s (e.g., Jesus Lizard, Quitter’s Club, Season to Risk, Germbox). Around Easter 1994, the group acquired lyricist and vocalist Sean Ingram and soon after agreed on the name “Coalesce” for its first self-titled 7” release on Chapter Records.

Local Midwest shows in support of the first 7” (as well as Steineger’s persistent desire to blur the genre distinctions characteristic of extreme music) helped gain the attention of Earache Records, whose short-lived “New Chapter” series released Coalesce’s 3-song EP 002 in summer 1995. Coalesce supported this release with a six-week tour opening for the hardcore acts Bloodlet and 108. Following this tour, Coalesce took a year-long hiatus which ended in Fall 1996 with the group’s release of a split 7” with grindcore legends Napalm Death and the acquisition of new drummer James DeWees.

DeWees complemented the group’s intensity, both in style and live performance. By the time of his joining, Coalesce had achieved notoriety for the Dionysian quality of its shows. This was captured in their first full-length release, Give Them Rope (Edison Records), which was written, performed, and recorded during Winter 1996 and Spring 1997.

Months before their next release with Second Nature Recordings, Functioning on Impatience, original bassist Stacy Hilt left the band, allowing song-writing virtuoso and close friend of the band Nathan Ellis to join Coalesce. The addition of Ellis to the group improved the overall expression of Coalesce in both recording and live performance. This improvement is evident in the various releases that followed his entry into Coalesce, releases that were predominately composed of cover tracks: Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” (Hydra Head Records), the Get-Up Kids’ “I’m Giving Up on This One” (Second Nature Recordings), Boysetsfire’s “Vehicle” and “In the Wilderness” (Hydra Head), and an EPs worth of Led Zeppelin songs entitled There is Nothing New Under the Sun (Hydra Head). All of these recordings, as well as a few others, were collected and re-released in 2007 on Hydra Head Records.

In fall 1998, Coalesce signed on with Relapse Records, where their material-under-construction was eventually released as 012: Revolution in Just Listening. Having come off of the heels of their work with the Zeppelin songs on There is Nothing New…, 012 exhibited a simplified expression of Coalesce with a newfound emphasis on memorability rather than complexity.

For various reasons, Coalesce disbanded in 1999 during the recording of 012. Three years later in Fall 2002, the group briefly reunited for a string of “reunion” shows, as well as a few recording sessions for compilations, with the return of Stacy Hilt on bass and the addition of a new guitarist, Cory White, replacing Steineger. This form of Coalesce ended abruptly in Spring 2003.

During the Spring of 2005, Coalesce was invited to play the ill-fated Hellfest, an invitation that the group would accept, therewith providing an impetus for the return of Steineger on guitar and Ellis on bass. Due to strained commitments in other projects, DeWees did not rejoin the group in 2005. Coalesce benefited, however, by gaining the Casket’s Lottery’s Nathan “Jr” Richardson as a replacement on drums.

This newest incarnation, with Richardson on drums, Ellis on bass, Steineger on guitar, and Ingram still leading the pack, has proved to be the most stable and mature incarnation of Coalesce. This is evident in their newest 2-song 7”, Salt and Passage, which will hopefully prove to be a harbinger for a new full-length in the near future.
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Salt and Passage
[2007] [7-inch]
002 • A Safe Place
[1998] [CDEP/Vinyl 10-inch]
Functioning on Impatience
[2008] [10YRLTD LP/CD/LP/LP LTD]
The Get Up Kids/Coalesce
The Get Up Kids/Coalesce
[1997] [7-inch]
A Safe Place
[1997] [7-inch]
[1995] [CDEP]

A Safe Place
[002 • A Safe Place]
A New Language
[Functioning on Impatience]
A Safe Place
[A Safe Place]