The life of Anasarca starts here.........

01. 6/4/94 The Loft, Baltimore, Maryland w/ Slant 6, Franklin, Blank

02. 7/9/94 Matt Brey's House, Baltimore, Maryland w/ Still Life,
Shroomunion, Plunger, VDJ, Spastic Cracker

03. 7/15/94 Dana and Tom LoMacchio's House, Crofton, Maryland, w/ Indian
Summer, Resol, Plunger, Glaze Ride

04. 7/29/94 The Loft, Baltimore, Maryland w/ Hose.Got.Cable, 10:07

05. 7/31/94 Mountain Lodge, Washington, DC w/ Floodgate, Dirty Bird

06. 8/4/94 American Legion Hall, Washington, DC w/ Rye Coalition,
Snapcase, Dayspring, No Turn on Fred

07. 8/12/94 The Beehive Collective, Washington DC w/ Kukim, Samuel

08. 11/12/94 Some Church, Arlington, Virginia w/ Bubble Jug, Plunger,

09. 12/10/94 The Beehive Collective, Washington DC w/ 3 Studies For A
Crucifixion, Afterfew, True High Fidelity

10. 12/26/94 Pelican Club, Washington DC w/ Prema, Autumn, Contagen

11. 12/28/94 American Legion Hall, Washington DC w/ Frail, Spirit
Assembly, True High Fidelity, Inkwell

12. 3/10/95 The Art Slab, Washington DC w/ Rye Coalition, Maximillian
Colby, Solla Sollew

13. 4/1/95 The Art Slab, Washington DC w/ Feverpitch

14. 4/21/95 George Washington University, Washington DC w/ Halfman,
Eucharist, Mandela Strikeforce, Pee Tanks, Romania

15. 4/28/95 Some Place, Lancaster, Pennsylvania w/ Elements Of Need,

16. 4/29/95 Student Center, State College, Pennsylvania w/ Halfman,
Elements Of Need, Anonymous

17. 5/6/95 Some Place, Lancaster, Pennsylvania w/ Crown Hate Ruin,
Franklin, Jury Rig, Milkwede

18. 6/23-25/95 More Than Music Fest, Columbus, Ohio w/ Frail, Chokehold,
Single File Line, Mandela Strikeforce, Threadbare, Shotmaker, Coleman,
Blank, Grain, 3 Studies Of Crucifixion, Spirit Assembly, Rye Coalition,
Constantine Sankathi, Weston, Assfactor 4, plus more...

19. 7/21/95 Geoff's House, Arlington, Virginia w/ Sparkmarker, Policy of
3, Anonymous

20. 8/8/95 Club Soda, Washington DC w/ Jihad, Gregor

21. 8/9/95 Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ The VSS,
Gangplansisteele Quartet, Marmalade

22. 8/10/95 Kane, Pennsylvania w/ Los Crudos, The VSS, Render Useless

23. 8/11-13/95 Cleveland Festival, Cleveland, Ohio w/ Bev.Clone, Mandela
Strikeforce, Bleed, Fifteen, Los Crudos, Prevail, Autumn, Gregor,
Introspect, Still
Life and others

24. 8/13/95 Ceasar's House, Annapolis, Maryland w/ Mandela Strike Force,
True High Fidelity, Cerberus Schoal

25. 9/30/95 The Marvin Center, Washington DC w/ Split Lip

26. 2/17/96 Maryland Institute College Of Art, Baltimore, Maryland w/
Spirit Assembly, Cornelius

27. 3/2/96 Lancaster, Pennsylvania w/ The Great Unraveling, Plunger,
Dutchland Diesel, Autumn, Seraphim

28. 3/8/96 Mike D's House, Virginia Beach, Virginia w/ Seraphim, I Am
Heaven, Candyland Car Crash

29. 3/9/96 House Show, Greenville, North Carolina w/ Seraphim, I Am
Heaven, Candyland Car Crash

30. 3/10/96 Happy Hardcore House, Washington DC w/ Seraphim, I Am
Heaven, Candyland Car Crash

31. 4/12/96 Bristol Skate Park, New Haven, Connecticut w/ Kiss It
Goodbye, Halfman, Council Of Five Nations

32. 4/13/96 ABC No Rio, New York City w/ Closure, Coercion, One Nature,
Type Cast, Junta

33. 6/19/96 Happy Hardcore House, Washington DC w/ 400 Years, The
Divisionaries, Julia

34. 6/20/96 Industrial Park, Hamden, Connecticut w/ Julia, 400 Years,
Elephant Head

35. 6/21/96 Harvest Food Coop, Allston, Massachusetts w/ Hugo-Nauts

36. 6/22/96 Church Show, Missisauga, Canada w/ Acrid, Blake, Flood

37. 6/23/96 Montreal Canada w/ Holocron, Down To Rise, Onpoint,
Ambivalent Force

38. 6/24/96 House Show, Toronto, Canada w/ Blake

39. 6/25/96 Terminal Two, Brampton, Canada w/ Ignorance Never Settles,
Montgomery 21

40. 6/26/96 House Show, Milwaukee, Wisconsin w/ Franklin, Coward

41. 6/28/96 Minneapolis Punk Fest, Minneapolis, Minnesota w/
Disembodied, Abnegation, Los Crudos, Boris The Sprinkler, Dillinger
Four, Code 13, Charles Bronson, MK Ultra, Chapter, Press Gang, State Of
Fear, State Of the Union, The Strike, Empty Set, ...But Alive, Blanks
77, Misery, Assrash, Man Afraid, Inquisituion, Milhouse

42. 7/3/96 31G, Kalamazoo, Michigan w/ Jenny Piccolo, Locust, One Eyed
God Prophecy, Resin

43. 7/4/96 The Square Theater, Indianapolis, Indiana w/ Harvest,
Despair, Ice 9, Sensefield, Endeavor, Shades Apart

44. 7/7/96 The More Than Music Fest, Columbus Ohio w/ Too Many Bands To

45. 7/8/96 Norfolk, Virginia w/ Overcast, Juna

46. 7/10/96 The Belvedere, Little Rock, Arkansas w/ Piebald, Palatka

47. 7/11/96 Bonnie Brae House Show, Denton, texas w/ Palatka, At The
Drive In, Dead And Gone, Odd Fellows, Sharon Tate, Castor, Braid, 100
Watt Clock

48. 7/12/96 Austin, Texas w/ Castor, Braid, Palatka

49. 7/13/96 El Paso, Texas w/ Palatka, Sharon Tate

50. 7/14/96 Phoenix, Arizona w/ Palatka, Constantine Sankathi, Julia,
Deadwood Divine

51. 7/17/96 Epicenter, San Francisco, California w/ One Eyed God
Prophecy, Palatka

52. 7/18/96 UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California w/ Saturn's Flea
Collar, Space Boy, One Eyed God Prophecy

53. 7/20/96 The Living Room, Goleta, California w/ Set Vector, Kodiak,
Lead Foot Broadcast, Q-Factor, Absinthe, Disembodied, Enewetak, Palatka,
Tho Ko
Losi, The Great Unraveling, Constantine Sankathi, Endeavor, Torches To
Rome, Seein'' Red, Man Is The Bastard, Parade's End, Guyver One, Land Of
The Wee Beasties, Render Useless, One Eyed God Prophecy Sawpit,
Hellbender, Julia

54. 7/23/96 Huntington Beach library, Huntington Beach, California w/
One Eyed God Prophecy, Sawpit, Deadwood Divine

55. 7/25/96 Double Entendre, Denver, Colorado w/ Deadwood Divine, Seein'
Red, Torches To Rome

56. 7/26/96 Days Inn Hotel, Rapid City, South Dakota w/ Deadwood Divine,
Across Five Aprils, Seein' Red, Torches To Rome

57. 7/27/96 Lincoln, Nebraska w/ Seein' Red, Torches To Rome, Palatka,
The Undecided, Remission

58. 7/28/96 The Bombshelter, Minneapolis, Minnesota w/ Seein' Red,
Torches To Rome, Palatka

59. 7/29/96 31G, Kalamazoo, Michigan w/ Palatka, Torches To Rome,
Seein'' Red, Los Crudos

60. 8/1/96 The Neil House, Columbus, Ohio w/ Deadwood Divine, Seein'
Red, Torches To Rome

61. 8/2/96 The Happy Hardcore House, Washington DC, w/ Seein' Red,
Torches To Rome, One Eyed God Prophecy

62. 8/4/96 Jack's Correct Fit, Oceanside, NY w/ Palatka, One-Eyed God Prophecy, Inside, Closure

63. 8/4/96 Jack's Correct Fit w/ Palakta, One-Eyed God Prophecy, Inside, Closure

.....and ends soon after.
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