Ad Astra Per Aspera is a band of our generation, sounding out 2008 with a vinyl version of their acclaimed album Catapult Calypso. After college degrees, jobs, marriage and a diaspora of their cohort, these twenty-somethings find themselves still housed in their homegrown Midwest scene, poised for an ever greater realization of their music and potential.

Formed in 2002, the Lawrence, Kansas five-piece has endured much in endeavoring to be a band—a distinct, resonant and exciting project as their two EPs (2003’s An Introduction To and 2004’s Cubic Zirconia) and hundreds of performances would argue—over the past four years. Primarily, however, Ad Astra Per Aspera has taken the care and time of experience to grow into their new record, with Calypso as inspirational evidence that their creative resources have not been sapped, nor their candid musical adventurism disenchanted in the process. Instead, AAPA asserts with Calypso that this is how it feels to be animated by noise, rhythm, melody and lyrical impressions. The evolving band stands with conviction as they present themselves to the world of tours, contracts and "making it big". A record of the journey, Calypso is a sprawling, earnest testament to where they are actively going.
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Catapult Calypso
Ad Astra Per Aspera
[2008] [LP]

A Fish Would Rather Swim
[Catapult Calypso]
Voodoo Economics
[Catapult Calypso]
Flannery's Coming Home
[Catapult Calypso]